Cultural Barnali

TSH 2016 Annual Program Barnali  held on July 9th, 2016


TSH 2013 Annual Program Barnali

The Tagore Society of Houston (TSH) held its annual cultural program Barnali with great fervor and gaiety at the Houston Durgabari Sur auditorium on July 21. The evening was packed with one good program after the other. It started off with a modern day Tagore symphony by the TSH Youth Orchestra, based on a creative east-west fusion medley of Tagore songs and western music 

The highlight of the evening, a bedazzling multimedia presentation MonerManush(Seeking the Inner Man of Tagore) ensued. It was wonderfully conceptualized and scripted by the President of TSH, Ruma Acharya. It highlighted the influence of different genres of music on Tagore’s songs including Hindustani classical, Carnatic, folk (Baul), Kirtan, VaishnavitePadavali and even Western music which resulted in enriching his music and endowing a unique quality to it. The Bauls (the traveling minstrels) who try to realize God in themselves, created a deep impact on the poet’s life as was well reflected in his songs in this production. The audio visual presentation included excellent narration, visuals and dance performances choreographed and presented by the local Houston talented artistes and their students.

Kolkata’sRaghab Chatterjee took the stage to end the show and oh what a way to end the show! As expected, he just drifted skillfully from one genre of music to the other with effortless ease whichstemmed from his years of training in classical music.  The crowd got to hear a lot of fan favorites and was content.